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Wild Alaskan Salmon - The King of the Super Foods

“Salmon is the heart healthiest high-protein of all.  Salmon is unique among protein foods in that it is powerfully anti-inflammatory.  This is because salmon is by far the best source of long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA, and others). . . . Salmon is a rare dietary source of DMAE, the natural human neurochemical proven to help improve muscle tone in the face, thereby reducing wrinkles. . . I've long urged people to eat wild salmon as frequently as possible [emphasis added].” (1)

— Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD

“[O]mega-3 essential fatty acids, especially the longer-chained ones-such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) — are not so easy to come by. These are found in cold-water fish. There is nothing magical about fish other than they simply happen to be at the end of the food chain that starts with plankton. If plankton live in cold-water locations, they have to make EPA, which acts as a biological anti-freeze.

The fish at the top of the food chain simply accumulate these fatty acids either as fish body oils or in the liver. Cod-liver oil, a rich source of long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acids, such as EPA, has been used for hundreds of years in spite of its disgusting taste. However, a more civilized way to ensure adequate amounts of EPA is to eat cold-water fish like salmon [emphasis added].” (2)
— Dr. Barry Sears, Biochemist

“[Preformed], very long chain omega-3s, EPA and DHA . . . appear to be critically important for optimum cardiovascular, neurological, and mental health. . . . I think it is useful to eat the oily, cold-water fish that provide them, such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, and herring.” [emphasis added] (3)
— Dr. Andrew Weil, MD


Order Alaskan Salmon 

Alaskan Wild Salmon Fillets by Omaha Steaks.  “You'll fall hook, line and sinker for these thick, meaty Salmon Fillets from the cold Pacific waters! They taste so fresh because they're flash-frozen minutes after being caught. Naturally juicy and firm in texture make them perfect for grilling, broiling or pan searing.” Buy wild Alaskan salmon.

Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon 1.5 lb. Fillet by SeaBear "Its succulent goodness started the SeaBear tradition. Since 1957 the highly prized smoked wild Sockeye salmon has been the flagship of the SeaBear line.  We start with wild Alaskan salmon, and fillet each different sized portion by hand.  Distinctive in its rich red color, robust flavor, and succulent tender flakes..  Our traditional alder smoked Sockeye offers the quintessential Northwest smoked wild salmon experience.  Fully cooked, and packed in our famous Gold Seal pouch. No refrigeration is necessary until opened. Kosher and all natural."  Buy sockeye - Order salmon.

Wine Smoked Coho Salmon (1.25 lb. salmon fillet).  “Rich texture and a sweet oak aroma.  Finish punctuated with Goosecross ultra-premium Chardonnay! Ready to Eat; No refrigeration required.  High in heart healthy Omega-3 fish oil.  International orders welcome.”  Buy coho - Order Salmon.

Ready-to-Eat Wild Alaskan Salmon with Vegetables. St. Dalfour Gourmet to Go.  "This special French recipe of Wild Salmon is made in modern kitchens, certified by the French government. It is made with an all natural "Optimal Food Process" which creates a deep vacuum. This vacuum provides a wholesome fresh taste without the need for preservatives."  Order Alaskan salmon.


Poached Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
SeaBear's "wild Sockeye salmon is cooked to tender perfection in its own natural juices - no salt or smoke added.  Serve it warm or chilled with your favorite sauce for a pure and wild Sockeye taste experience."  Order salmon


What Drs. Roizen and Oz Say About Salmon

“You should eat three portions of fish per week. Fish, especially fatty fish like salmon and whitefish like cod or bass, is high in those omega-3 fatty acids, which have several powerful benefits. They appear to: 

  • Reduce triglyceride levels in the blood (high levels cause plaque buildup in the arteries),
  • Stabilize the heartbeat (reducing irregular rhythms),
  • Make platelets less sticky (reducing clotting), and
  • May bring down blood pressure as well . . .

The best fish (those with the least mercury and PCBs [polychlorinated biphenyls] are wild, line-caught salmon (almost all canned salmon is wild, healthful salmon)..." Emphasis added. (4)

— Dr. Michael F. Roizen, MD
Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD


Buy Wild Salmon 

Wild Pacific King Salmon (by Vital Choice).  "King (Chinook) Salmon is the richest of all kinds.  In addition to premium line-caught Red King Salmon, we offer rare Ivory and Marbled King."  Click here to order Wild Salmon from Vital Choice.

Wild Salmon Gourmet Dinner for four (4) “Scrumptuous and wholesome feast chef-prepared for seafood gourmands. Our 3-course seafood feast finds its inspiration in cuisine from all over the world.
  • The starter course is our unique culinary twist on the traditional Mediterranean Bouillabaisse, chock full of salmon, pollock, scallops and shrimp simmered in a tomato & white wine base. And don't forget to serve our par-baked French bread warm and toasty! 
  • The main course features Wild Pacific Salmon fillets marinated in a divine smoky bourbon rub. Serve this delicacy with fluffy Basmati rice and Mediterranean Ratatouille. 
  • And our gourmet Lemon Pound Cake puts the finishing touch on this delightful meal!” 
This three course dinner includes: Appetizers, Main Course and Dessert and Candles.  Artisanal appetizers:  Delicious Bouillabaisse soup chock full of fresh seafood.  Main course: Bourbon Rub Wild Salmon, Fluffy Basmati Rice and Ratatouille.  Elegant desserts: Rich and moist Iced Lemon Pound Cake.  Delivered nationwide directly to a home, office or hotel.  Order salmon dinner.

Healthy Hearts Wild Salmon Dinner Fillets.  “Our Healthy Hearts Variety Pack is our most popular dinner fillet offering, perfect for healthy dining, or as a thoughtful gift. Each order contains 3 Sockeye, 3 Coho, and 2 Keta fillets (all 6 oz each) plus 4 FREE healthy sauces and/or rubs.” Purchase wild salmon dinner fillets. 

Seaside 5-Meal Plan for two (2).  “Created for seafood lovers, our assortment of 5 delicious seafood dinners are chef-prepared using only the freshest ingredients and following our chef's exclusive recipes. This beautiful assortment of fresh prepared seafood meals includes Salmon, Crab and Tilapia. Each recipe was carefully prepared by our chefs to assure freshness and outstanding flavor. Gourmet prepared meals delivered nationwide directly to a home, office or hotel.”  Order seafood dinners

Salmon Fillets by Crabtree Foods. Six 8 ounce salmon fillets.  "Our Salmon Steaks come from the icy cold north pacific waters. These rich flavored salmon steaks can be eaten with just the touch of a flame. Each shiny skinned steak can be grilled, broiled, or baked."  Read what customers who purchased this product had to say about it.  Buy salmon fillets. 

Gerard & Dominique Northwest Style Smoked Wild Coho Salmon.  “Lightly brushed with our special Honey Glaze, each wild Coho (Silver) salmon fillet is slowly smoked over a select blend of Northwest fruitwoods to highlight the natural oils and deep, rich flavor of this exceptional wild salmon. Enjoy the perfect balance of smoke, salt, fruit, earth and clean sea flavors.”  Buy Wild Coho

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If fish had a 'school' yearbook, salmon would be voted 'Most Popular.'

— Jasper White, Owner
Derby Street Shoppes Fish Market


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Smoked Salmon to Buy

Norwegian Gravadlax Smoked Salmon Trout. "You've probably never heard of Gravadlax, the smoked-salmon-lovers best-kept secret. A rare delicacy that originated in Scandinavia, this Norwegian smoked salmon is cured using a special dill, sugar, and herbs mixture that is rubbed into the prime cut." Buy smoked salmon.

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Combination - Smoked Salmon, Blinis, Caviar, Crème Fraiche.  “The perfect appetizer - the finest Norwegian smoked salmon, with plenty of salmon caviar, served on traditional Russian blinis and creme fraiche.  Norwegian Smoked Salmon Pre-Sliced Kosher 1 lb. Crème Fraiche 7.5 oz.  Blini Russian Original Hand Made.  12 pcs 4.0 oz / 114 gr Salmon Caviar, Russian Keta - 7.00 oz. / 200 gr." Order salmon.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout Superior Sliced.  “The frigid fjords of Norway are a prime breeding ground for some of the most flavorful salmon in the world, second to none. Norways pairs natural resources with superb and long-standing smoking traditions, creating one of the most acclaimed delicacies of the culinary world. Order salmon online.

SeaBear Smoked Salmon Trio.  A SeaBear "customer favorite, year after year! Here's a delicious way to explore three varieties of SeaBear's classic Northwest smoked salmon. Includes 6 oz. each of the following types of salmon:  

1) Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon; 2) Smoked Wild Pink Salmon;
3) Smoked Wild Coho Salmon.  

Order smoked salmon online

Buy Atlantic Salmon 

Marinated Salmon Fillets by Omaha Steaks.  “Our moist and flaky Atlantic Salmon fillets marinated in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, paprika, onion, pepper, natural grill and smoke flavor makes a tasty meal that's oh, so easy!”  Buy Atlantic salmon.

The Neapolitan Smoked Atlantic Salmon Sampler.  “Rushing Waters Fisheries, Inc. fresh Neapolitan Smoked Atlantic Salmon Sampler is renowned and valued as the finest and tastiest salmon in the world. These northern Atlantic fish are raised in the cold waters off the New England coast and flown to Rushing Waters Fisheries for smoking and processing. There, they are prepared with natural herbs, fruits, sugar and spices to bring special tastes and flavors to this prize fish and then smoked in special ovens fired with northern hardwoods to preserve and bring out the tempting flavors. The Neapolitan Smoked Salmon Sampler offers three of the most popular varieties.”  Order Atlantic salmon.

Hickory Marinated Salmon Fillets.  “Enjoy the sweet, smoky flavor of wood fire cooking with these mouthwatering, hickory marinated Atlantic Salmon fillets. Grill, microwave or oven ready in minutes.”  Buy hickory marinated Atlantic salmon.

Prince Premium Salmon Steaks.  “These free-range Atlantic salmon steaks are thick-cut beauties. Great broiled, grilled, or baked, they're moist, with large, firm flakes, and absolutely full of flavor.” 6 pieces of 8 ounce thick-cut, moist, free range Atlantic salmon steaks.  Buy Atlantic salmon.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon “Fresh, Atlantic Salmon from Maine. Cut to order and shipped to your door overnight.”  Order Atlantic salmon.

Great Gourmet Fresh North Atlantic Salmon Fillets “Try Salmon boiled, baked or grilled.  Salmon's rich distinctive flavor has ensured it's favorable position with seafood lover's everywhere.  This tasty moderately mild fish is rich in Omega-3 fish oils, it's one of the healthiest choices you can make.”  Buy Atlantic salmon.

Music for Salmon Lovers

(1) Nicholas Perricone, MD, " Wild Alaskan Salmon - The King Of The Super Foods,” The Perricone Promise, Warner Books, New York, Boston, October 2004, pp. 46-47
(2) Dr. Barry Sears, “The Anti-Aging Zone,” HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., New York, New York, First Edition, 1999, p. 65
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(4) Michael F. Roizen, MD, and Mehmet C. Oz, MD, You: The Owner's Manual Updated and Expanded,” New York, HarperCollins Publishers, 2008 p. p. 60

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