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Buy Canned Salmon - Wild Smoked Canned Sockeye Salmon.  (6.5 ounces).  “This premium wild, smoked sockeye salmon [sometimes called red salmon or blueback salmon] is filleted and then slowly smoked over aromatic hardwoods. Delicious on crackers, in salads, dips, pastas or in your favorite salmon recipe. 

Delicious on crackers or in your favorite salmon recipes. 

buy Alaskan canned salmon

Wild Sockeye Salmon are also known as red salmon for their distinctive bright red meat color and characteristic firm flesh and distinctive rich flavor.  Along with wild salmon's wonderful flavor comes some amazing health benefits. 

Numerous medical studies [cite] that Wild Salmon is very high in two critical Omega 3-fatty acids. EPA and DHA are Omega 3-fatty acids that your heart and brain need to stay healthy, especially as you age.  EPA fats promote normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels and increase blood flow while DHA is essential to maintain brain function, especially memory, throughout your life.”  Buy canned salmon. Salmon caught wild in Alaska. 

buy canned pink salmon wild alaskan

Buy Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon (Pack of four, 6-ounce cans for a total of 24-ounces).  “No skin or bones. Premium quality. Natural sea food.” “Our mission is to be your family's trusted source for the world's healthiest, safest and highest quality seafood… naturally. We guarantee you have never tasted canned seafood like ours. We use only the best part of the fillet, it is hand packed and cooked once in it's own natural omega-3 rich oils. 

It's wildly delicious, eat it straight from the can!” POPULAR ITEM – HIGHLY RATED BY CUSTOMERS. Read reviews of this canned salmon product by customers who have tried itBuy canned salmon by Henry and Lisa.  

Buy Canned Salmon by Wild Planet - Boneless Skinless Wild King Salmon.  (Pack of three, 6-ounce cans totaling 18-ounces).  “Skinless and boneless.  An excellent source of essential Omega 3 oils. Shelf life 3 year minimum.” Sustainably troll caught salmon.  Certified for sustainability by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

buy canned salmon by Wild Planet

These salmon are wild-caught from pristine U.S. waters.  Read canned salmon reviews and see how customers rate this Wild Planet product.  Buy canned salmon by Wild Planet. 

buy canned salmon wild alaskan sockeye salmon

Buy Canned Salmon by Redhead - Wild Sockeye Salmon from Alaska.  (Twelve 7.5 Oz. cans).  “Firm, flaky and fabulous, our wild-caught red salmon is the ultimate in low-carb luxury. We harvest our wild sockeye salmon from the pristine waters of Alaska.  Wild red salmon [also called blueback salmon and Sockeye salmon] is prized for its omega-3s. 

Studies suggest that these natural compounds help the heart, the skin, and the immune system. We think Red Head Wild Sockeye Salmon is the best whole food on earth. Just keep a can chilling for everything from appetizers to main dishes. Great for chefs, cooks, and other carb-conscious connoisseurs!” Read customer reviews of Redhead's canned wild sockeye salmon. Buy this productBuy canned salmon wild caught for Redhead. POPULAR - HIGHLY RATED BY CUSTOMERS. 

Buy Canned Salmon by Roland - Fancy Sockeye Red Salmon  (Pack of three, 14.75-ounce cans totaling 44.25 ounces).  “Precooked and ready to serve, can be used cold or gently reheated at moderate temperatures; kosher certified.  High in protein, vitamin A, B-group vitamins, and omega-3 oils.  Has a long shelf life.  Ideal for croquettes, salmon loaf, or grilled patties with a white sauce, salmon salad.”  “Roland Red Sockeye Salmon is packed in a 15 ounce tin which contains 4 full random sized sections of salmon with the skin on.  The salmon is a deep red-orange color and is considered one of the best qualities of canned salmon.”  Read customer reviews of Roland’s canned sockeye red salmon.  Buy canned salmon wild caught for Roland. 

buy canned sockeye salmon by Roland
buy fresh salmon by Pillar Rock

Buy Canned Red Salmon by Pillar Rock - Pack of four 14.75-ounce cans .  “All Natural, only salt added for flavor; Kosher.  Packed using fresh Alaska salmon.  Naturally contains EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acids.  Wild-caught.”  “Pillar Rock canned salmon is made from fresh Alaska salmon and is an all-natural product – only salt is added for taste. Flaky and firm, canned salmon is fully cooked and ready to enjoy. Traditional canned salmon will contain skin and bones which are edible and are a good source of calcium if you choose not to pick them out. Red (Sockeye) Salmon has a rich meaty flavor and deep color, while pink salmon are lighter and milder. If you haven’t used canned salmon before, it’s great in sandwiches, salads, soups, and spreads.”  Buy canned salmon by Pillar Rock Salmon Red. 

Wild Alder Smoked Pacific Steelhead Canned Salmon (Pack of six EZ Open cans 6 oz. each).  “Wild Ocean Seafoods® canned Salmon is made from fillet portions. The Wild Pacific Steelhead Salmon Fillets are hot smoked then hand packed, sealed and cooked once in its own juices for perfect flavor. This preserves the natural health benefits of Wild Salmon. High in essential Omega 3 oils, only a small amount of natural sea salt is added."

buy wild salmon online

"Wild canned salmon contains four times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids and 20 times the amount of calcium found in other canned proteins.” No preservatives.  Buy canned salmon.

buy wild alaskan smoked salmon

Bear & Wolf Pink Canned Salmon.  

Six 6 ounce cans of Wild Alaskan Salmon.  

“Premium skinless and boneless.  Omega-3s heart healthy.  High in protein.  Zero carbs.” 

See how other customers rated this product

Click here to buy canned salmon from Bear & Wolf.

Smoked Alaska canned salmon in a handcrafted wooden gift box.  “Four tasty smoked salmon selections canned and boxed in a rustic reusable handcrafted wooden presentation box. This box includes: 6 oz. each of Cajun and spicy flavored smoked salmon sausages and 7 oz. each of smoked Cajun flavored keta and fresh sockeye salmon.” 

buy Alaskan salmon where to buy wild alaskan salmon

"Made with only the wild and natural salmon of Alaska.  Made in Alaska, by Alaskans. Fully cooked and ready to eat.  Purchase canned salmon packaged and presented in a handcrafted wooden gift box." 

buy sockeye salmon

Boneless & Skinless Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
(3 Tin-Pack- Net Weight 18 oz or 510 grams).  Kirkland Signatures Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon brand.  

“Naturally contains 410 mg of Omega 3s per serving. Product of Alaska. No artificial coloring.” 

Buy canned salmon by Kirkland/Costco. 

Season Pink Salmon (Pack of four 14.75-Ounce Cans).  

“Season Tall Pink Salmon. 14.75 Ounces per can. Wild caught”.  

Read reviews to see how other customers rated this product

Click here to buy canned salmon by Season. 

buy canned salmon

"People Are Eating More Salmon Than Ever" 

Salmon wears a halo these days. Its peachy-rosy flesh tastes great, swims with healthy omega-3 fats and often comes from wild, sustainable fisheries. 

People are eating more salmon than ever. . . (1)

— Carol Ness
'Fishing for the best canned salmon'
San Francisco Chronicle

Alaskan Canned Salmon 

Sockeye Salmon - An Easy Source of Omega 3

One easy source of omega-3s is sockeye salmon. All sockeye is wild; they cannot farm that species.  Farmed salmon is much inferior to wild salmon, both in terms of omega-3 content and toxic load. (2)

— Dr. Andrew Weil, MD
Physician, Author, Director,
Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine


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where to buy fresh salmon by Think Pink

Think Pink Wild Pink Salmon From Alaska (Twelve 7.5 Oz. cans).  “At least five times more omega-3s than chunk light tuna.  Ready to eat; Kosher certified; 100% natural.  Unmatched purity, with low or no bio- accumulation.  Great taste, with a mild flavor and tender texture.”  “Quick to fix and fun to eat, our wild-caught pink salmon is your Smart Al-tuna-tive to that other fish that comes in a can! 

. . .Wild salmon is highly prized for its brain-building DHA omega-3s. Studies suggest multiple health benefits for people of all ages. We think wild Alaskan pink salmon is the tastiest protein on earth.  Think Pink is great in sandwiches, wraps and pastas.  Perfect for kids, moms, and other health-conscious consumers!” Read reviews of this canned salmon product by customers who have tried it. POPULAR ITEM – HIGHLY RATED BY CUSTOMERS.  Buy canned salmon by Think Pink.  

Rubinstein's Fancy Blueback Red Salmon (7.5 oz).  “Premium quality, ocean-caught wild Alaskan canned salmon. One of the most valuable and abundant of the Alaska salmon, sockeye have a deep, red flesh. The meat retains its color to a higher degree than other salmon when cooked or processed.”  Read reviews of this canned salmon product by customers who have tried itBuy canned salmon by Rubinstein’s. 

buy wild alaskan salmon by Rubinstein's
purchase wild salmon by Crown Prince

Crown Prince Natural Alaskan Pink Salmon.  (Case of twelve 7.5-ounce cans totaling 90 oz.).  No salt added.  “Product of the sustainable Alaskan salmon harvest.  Contains 1.5g of omega-3; no salt added; kosher.  Excellent source of protein; good source of calcium; zero carbohydrates; zero trans fat; low sodium.  Wild-caught; product of the USA.” 

“Our Alaskan Pink Salmon is packed without added salt under the most stringent of quality standards. These prime cuts of salmon are delicate in flavor, firm in texture and provide an excellent source of protein. They also contain 1.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per serving.”  Read canned salmon reviews of this productBuy canned salmon by Crown Prince.  

Wild Alaska Gourmet Smoked Canned Salmon Habanero Reds.  “Gourmet hand packed smoked canned salmon Anchor Point Seafoods is ALL NATURAL from the pristine icy waters of the Cook Inlet a renewable resources."  

"For the one who says, ‘I love spicy.’ 

Hand packed with only choice pieces.”  Spicy salmon.  Buy canned salmon from Cook Inlet Alaska. 

where to buy Alaskan salmon
buy canned fish

Canned Chunk Salmon with Lemon and Cracked Pepper in Spring Water.  SAFCOL Gourmet-on-the-Go.  Pack of twelve (12) 6-ounce cans. Total of 72 ounces.  "All-natural ingredients; kosher; excellent source of Omega 3.  With lemon and cracked pepper seasoning; makes a great meal or snack."  Click here to order this brand of canned salmon. 

Tony's Smoked Chinook King Salmon (5.5 oz.).  Columbia Gorge Smoked Chinook Salmon.  “This delectable Smoked Canned Salmon is smoked in state-of-the-art smokehouses. Each can of smoked salmon is boneless, skinless and hand-packed to provide the best high quality available.”  Click here to order canned Chinook King Salmon. 

buy smoked salmon canned
buy sockeye salmon

Tonnino Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon In Olive Oil (6.7 Oz. Jar).  

“Tonnino Wild caught in Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Tonnino now introduces skinless and boneless sockeye salmon in olive oil in a 6.71 oz jar.

Tonnino Sockeye Salmon is hand-packed in glass jars, because this type of packaging allows whole fillets inside, which guarantees superior quality and taste and a more appetizing appearance of the salmon.” 

Click here to buy Wild Alaskan salmon. 

(1) Carol Ness, Chronicle Staff Writer, “Fishing for the best canned salmon,” San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, California, February 16, 2005, p. F2

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