Salmon Health Benefits | Why Salmon is Good for You...

Why is salmon good for you? Why eat salmon?

  • Helps improve facial muscle tone.  "Salmon is a rare dietary source of DMAE, the natural human neurochemical proven to help improve muscle tone in the face, thereby reducing wrinkles." (1)
  • Rich in Omega-3. 
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory.  "Salmon is unique among protein foods in that it is powerfully anti-inflammatory. This is because salmon is by far the best source of long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA, and others)." (1)
  • Richest source of astaxanthin.  "Salmon is the richest food source of a uniquely powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory orange pigment called astaxanthin." (1)
  • Healthiest high-protein food for the heart.  "Salmon is the heart-healthiest high-protein food of all." (1)

Salmon Health Benefits & Nutritional Benefits - Video

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(1) Nicholas Perricone, MD, " Wild Alaskan Salmon - The King Of The Super Foods,” The Perricone Promise, Warner Books, New York, Boston, October 2004, pp. 46-47

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