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Salmon Rub

Salmon Rub by Tom Douglas

“Tom Douglas ‘Rub with Love’ Salmon Rub is used on the most popular dish at Etta's (‘the best salmon dish in Seattle’ - Northwest Palate Magazine).

The combination of smoked paprika, brown sugar and thyme is the perfect compliment to the Northwest's favorite fish

salmon rub

Tom and his wife Jackie own 5 of Seattle's most remarkable restaurants - Dahlia Lounge, Etta's, Palace Kitchen, Lola and Serious Pie. Our restaurants have also inspired a product line. 

Rub with Love has a great story: When we opened our seafood restaurant Etta's in 1995, the menu featured a signature salmon dish that was dry rubbed.

The rub combined brown sugar, smoked chilies, and a hint of thyme to evoke the alder smoked salmon the Pacific Northwest is famous for.

 The dish became so popular (and still is) that people began asking for rub to use at home. 

After selling [it] in hand packed zip lock bags for a few years, we introduced the Tom Douglas Rub with Love rub line in 1999. The rest is history...

A great selling point for Rub with Love Spice Rubs is their fast prep time. A quick sprinkle and rub 5-10 minutes prior to cooking is all the time it takes. Our spice rubs marry with the juices of whatever you're flavoring to form a delicious glaze. In just 10 minutes, you're ready to cook! You can grill, bake, barbecue or sauté with Rub with Love Spice Rubs.

Chef inspired, restaurant tested, quick, easy and delicious, our rubs have become staples in our customers' pantries.” (Sold in a 3.5-Ounce air tight container).  


Read customer reviews of this product. 

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(Salmon rubs come in a pack of twelve 1.5-ounce packets).  

“At Colorado Spice our Chef produces this complete recipe solution from the finest seasonings we can find - Our blends have no artificial ingredients or free-flow agents and are free of dyes, artificial colors and MSG."

"Each blend is chef tested in some of the finest restaurants in the country. From our chef to your kitchen, enjoy a great meal on us!”  See how other customer rated this productClick here to place your order for Citrus Dill Salmon Rub.

Directions for preparing Citrus Dill Salmon:  Sprinkle Citrus Dill Salmon Rub on top of 4 salmon filets or steaks.  Broil on pan under broiler or bake at 450 degrees F for 8-12 minutes depending on size of salmon, until done. Garnish the entree with fresh dill weed and lemon wedges. Serve with rice, pasta or new potatoes. You may substitute trout, steelhead or coho for the salmon.  For Whole Fish: Place fish on aluminum foil or baking parchment approximately twice it's length.  Cut butter into wafers and place inside fish. Sprinkle seasoning liberally in cavity and outside of the fish. Seal foil or parchment by folding over and crimping around fish. Bake at 350 degrees F for 18 minutes until done. Serve with asparagus spears and garnish with hollandaise sauce

purchase salmon rub by top secret

Top Secret Salmon Rub (New 32 ounce size).  

Todd Wilbur, author of the best-selling Top Secret Recipes cookbooks brings you this unique salmon rub. 

Easily re-create restaurant quality salmon in your own kitchen!  If you like restaurant-style salmon, you'll be HOOKED on our Top Secret Salmon Rub!  Contains no MSG, preservatives, or gluten. Great for a low carb diet!  Money back guarantee!  Bring real restaurant flavor to your homemade meals with this Top Secret Recipes original spice blend. In just minutes you'll be re-creating the taste of your favorite restaurant style salmon at home!

This rub will make a fish lover out of anyone!”  Click here to order Todd Wilbur’s Top Secret Salmon Rub. 

salmon rub

Copper River Salmon Rub.  “For centuries the Northwest American Indians roasted herb and wild-berry rubbed salmon over open pit fires, creating the most succulent, smoky-flavored fish imaginable. Copper River Salmon Rub captures that same rich taste. Also fabulous with trout, halibut and tuna. Copper River Salmon Rub.”  See how other customers rated this product

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Coffee Rub for Salmon (Pack of six 2.5-ounce tins).  

“Fire & Flavor's Coffee Rub abounds with flavor with the taste of rich coffee and unique chili peppers that create the perfect complement for [salmon,] beef, pork or duck.  

buy salmon rub coffe rub

Create delicious dishes such as Coffee Rubbed Pork Tenderloin, Beef Filet topped with Coffee Orange Butter and Decadent Coffee Brownies. All natural, no preservatives.” Unique, Award Winning Taste.  Click here to order coffee rub for salmon.  

SeaBear Smoked Salmon Trio
.  A SeaBear "customer favorite, year after year! Here's a delicious way to explore three varieties of SeaBear's classic Northwest smoked salmon. Includes 6 oz. each of the following types of salmon:  

1) Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon;
2) Smoked Wild Pink Salmon;
3) Smoked Wild Coho Salmon.  Order smoked salmon online

Wild Pacific King Salmon (by Vital Choice).  "King (Chinook) Salmon is the richest of all kinds.  In addition to premium line-caught Red King Salmon, we offer rare Ivory and Marbled King."  

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Salmon Rub

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